How Eyewear is Becoming the Next Big Fashion Trend

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The year’s hottest fashions are determined by what the world’s moguls and celebrities are wearing. A look at the red carpet, Paris fashion week, and gossip magazines all reveal a surprising trend: nerdy is the new sexy. Eyewear is becoming a significant accessory in the next big fashion trend.

In fact, just this summer, DSquared, a prominent Canadian design firm, ensured that every runway model in their spring show wore a set of thick, black frames. To achieve the look popular among the stars, follow this guide to wearing fashion glasses well.


It is important to note that the stars embracing this fashion trend were not simply too lazy to put in their contacts on the morning of the award ceremony or press conference.

The glasses they are wearing have plain lenses, or no lenses at all. Stars like Lebron James rely on no-lense frames as a staple in their post-game conference apparel. They have nothing to do with vision, and everything to do with accessorizing.


It can be hard for a celebrity to be taken seriously. Many fashion gurus have suggested that giving their students a touch of nerd, by pairing a classic suit or other apparel with glasses, gives them an air of sophistication and business sense. They use glasses to make young, fresh faced artists look older, and clueless starlets look more educated.

They are increasingly paired with business professional and formal attire for any occasion in which a star wants to conduct business, and be considered as a formidable opponent. For example, Dwyane Wade has been wearing glasses to after-game press conferences all season for just this purpose.


When it comes to this fall’s fashionable eyewear, bigger is better. The fashion trends are bringing back the frames of the 80s and 90s, with thick plastic rims, and lenses so large they overwhelm the face.

The stereotypically nerdier the better. Think Steve Urkle with a fashion twist. The exact shape should be determined by the size of your face, and the shape that looks best on your face, but remember that the glasses sported by the stars have very sumptuous lines.


The stars are mixing it up and so should you. Look for no prescription lense glasses, no lense glasses, and sunglasses in designs that you like. The most popular sunglass designs for the year are the large, and brightly colored all-plastic frames from the 80s. Rapper Gary is particularly known for this singular style. Two years ago, car dealerships used to give these things away, and now they are considered red carpet appropriate. Frame color and design should be changed as frequently as any other accessory.

The shape and style should reflect the wearer’s mode and the color should complement their other fashion choices, and coordinate with other accessories. Changing eyeglasses is no different than changing handbags or heels, they simply provide a finishing piece to a look.


Modern frames, with clear underwire, super light wire design and other distinctly modern features are a fashion don’t. Absolutely all the styles currently appearing in high fashion are historically inspired.

The nerd frames of the 80s, the cat eyed expression of the 40s, and the enormous round frames made famous of Jackie O. are all back. Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake have both been photographed sporting the black rims original made famous by Clark Kent, Superman’s thoroughly unimpressive alter ego.


Major fashion brands have caught on to the eyewear trend, and realize they have the ability to supply a hot commodity. Fashion designers are extending their brand to include all new lines of frames, designed with high fashion pieces in mind.

This not only increases their brand exposure, but also offers signature pieces that coordinate with other items in their fashion line. You cannot go wrong with frames created and endorsed by a major fashion designer. They are guaranteed to follow the latest fashion trends, and prove an excellent fashion asset.


Remember that the purpose of wearing glasses as an accessory is, at its heart, an expression of anti-fashion. There was a time when a woman would rather go blind than be seen in eyewear. A girl with eyewear was fundamentally unattractive, and could not get a date.

Similarly, boys who wore glasses were seen as weak geeks, destined for greatness, despite their status as a social castaway. You are looking for a pair of glasses that complement your face shape, and look, on some level, comely, but which also set you apart from the crowd, upset the norm, and say something different. In this particular case, playing it safe will ultimately lead to a fashion failure.

Is the trend of wearing eyewear for purely fashionable purposes frivolous? Yes. But no more so than any other fashion accessory. Statement rings, designer bags, piercings, and other fashion trends are generally without purpose.

However, in an era when people are feeling nostalgic and looking back, even the grotesque markings of the vision impaired have found a new way to be beautiful.

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