New Innovations in Sunglasses

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Watch TV, read a magazine ad, or listen to the news, and you will likely hear the word innovative to describe products currently on the market. With the word being thrown around so much, it is getting harder and harder to discern what products are truly innovative, and what products are being called innovative as a marketing ploy.

To be truly innovative, a product must be something brand new that has not been created before. Below you will find sunglasses creations that are truly innovative, this means they use technology or ideas that were not present on the market before their creation. Not only are these sunglasses aesthetically pleasing, they also perform their primary goal, which is to protect individual’s eyes against the harmful effects of the sun.


Sunlens Creative Focus Project is a renowned partnership between Carl Zeiss Vision and Istituto Marangoni. The Istituto Marangoni is Europe’s leading fashion and design school. The school’s prestigious reputation means that only the best and brightest fashion design students are admitted to the school. Under the artistic direction of the school’s art director, Emmanuel Galina, five fashion students were given the task to create a stylish design for Carl Zeiss Visions new brand of sunglasses, Optics.

The five students who were chosen to participate in the project were each from a different part of the world and came from a different culture than the other participants. The students were told to take an original approach when designing the sunglasses. However, whatever type of design they created, the sunglasses had to be functional. While the designers focused mostly on the lens of the sunglasses, they also created stylistic features when designing the color, shape, material and coating of the truly innovative sunglasses.


Wicked Cool Sunglasses are the creation of two optical industry executive veterans, Claire and Craig Venezia. The couple came up with the idea of creating indestructible sunglasses after finding a pair of mangled Ray Bans that washed up on a beach while they were taking a walk. After the couple found the sunglasses, they spent years researching the innovative technology that it would take to create truly indestructible sunglasses. Better yet, Claire and Craig wanted to create these unbreakable sunglasses and sell them at a price everyone could afford.

Fortunately, the veteran optical executives have managed to create innovative, indestructible sunglasses. The sunglasses are made of polycarbonate material and feature polarized lenses. Polycarbonate material is one of the strongest, most durable plastics made, and is popular in many types of products. Even if these innovative sunglasses are bent or twisted, they will retain their shape. Currently, Wicked Cool sunglasses are available in a variety of colors and two shapes; Classic and Vintage. At an affordable price and the guarantee that the sunglasses will never lose their shape, Wicked Cool sunglasses may very well be the only pair of sunglasses you will ever need. However, at such an affordable price, you may want to buy several different pairs, so you always have the perfect pair ready for any outfit you choose.


Serious athletes often wear several training tools while they are working out including a heart rate monitor, a stop watch and traditional sunglasses. However, with German lensmaker Rodensteck’s new innovative athletic sunglasses, there is no need to have all of these tools on your person. Instead, these athletic sunglasses feature the heart rate and a stopwatch in the peripheral vision of the sunglasses.

Contrary to what you may think, the information display does not take up much vision space and doesn’t affect vision at all when wearers are looking straight. The prototype lenses are also extremely lightweight. In fact, the added features only add seven grams of weight to the actual sunglasses.


Precision Sunglass Innovations is a company that is committed to creating innovative sunglasses. All of their sunglasses protect 100% against UVA and UVB rays, and are decentered to eliminate distortion. Three of Precision Sunglasses Innovations include:


Max Freq sunglasses have a ruby embedded in the arm of their sunglasses. The ruby is embedded because many people believe the ruby transmits a frequency that increases the wearer’s strength, health and overall well-being.


Fog Killer sunglasses from Precision Sunglass Innovations are innovative because they combine anti-fog technology with polarized lenses. While both of these ideas are not new before Fog Killer sunglasses were created these two different technologies had never been combined successfully before.


Sports Tuff sunglasses aren’t just ideal for athletes. In fact, they are the perfect pair of sunglasses for any person who wants a reliable pair of sunglasses that is bendable, durable, comfortable, and lastly affordable.

Over the past two decades technology has been steadily changing the way people live their lives. Everything from the way we watch TV to the sunglasses we wear to protect our eyes has been touched by technology in one way or another. With these new technological developments, eyeglass wearers can choose a specific pair of sunglasses to meet their particular needs. – — Rodenstock-Innovation-in-Athletic-Sunglasses

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