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Eye health is essential to overall health, however, due to a lack of affordable vision care, many Americans, almost 50%, have no vision care insurance. As a result, many Americans skip eye exams and go without corrective eyewear because they simply can’t afford it. A lack of insurance and eye health can make it incredibly difficult for some people to do daily activities, which can then lead to a decrease in, amongst other things, self-esteem and confidence. Thankfully, VSP, the nation’s only not for profit vision care company, is expanding its affordable coverage to cover people in 46 of the United States’ 50 states. Keep reading below to learn more about VSP eye health coverage, why you need vision exams, and how this type of insurance can make that attainable.


Eye health is important because poor eyesight can influence the way you see the world. In fact, gaining better eyesight can change someone’s life, improve their self-esteem, and make people more confident as well. When people can see better and clearer, normal everyday things are easier. Even people with good vision or patients who have had laser vision correction surgery still need yearly eye exams to ensure they have had no major vision changes. As adults get older, yearly vision exams are even more important because many eye diseases are related to age. Many other health conditions can be detected by examining the eyes including hypertension, changes in the brain, diabetes, and many others. To keep your overall health in the best condition possible, don’t forget your yearly eye exam. Young children also need yearly eye exams because children’s vision can change quickly and a failure to be able to see well can negatively impact a child’s ability to read.


VSP recognizes the importance of great sight to all individuals, despite age. As a result, they are making changes to make their vision care more attainable. The company is achieving this seemingly overwhelming process by offering individual plans with low monthly payments. Depending on where you live, the monthly VSP payment plans will be available for as low as $13.00 to $16.00. The more people in your family, the higher your premiums will be. If you already have vision insurance, but love someone who doesn’t have vision insurance, VSP makes it possible to gift someone with quality vision insurance. At such an affordable price, this is a gift that could potentially change someone’s life.


When you buy an individual vision insurance plan from VSP, you can expect quality vision insurance. The best benefits of these programs are listed below:

*Well-vision eye exams
*Extremely low and affordable co-pays
*Allowances for both glasses and contact lenses
*Lenses are available at 20 to 25 percent discounts
*A huge doctor network to choose from (largest network in the vision insurance industry)
*100% satisfaction guarantee


When you have vision insurance through VSP, you are accessing the largest eye doctor network in the industry. Depending on where you live, you may have more or less options available to you, but in all 46 states where VSP is offered, there are optometrists and ophthalmologists who will accept this affordable vision insurance.


VSP offers affordable payment options, but that doesn’t mean they offer accessibility to inferior products. In fact, when you have VSP vision insurance, you can access the best brands of contacts and glasses available. In addition to brand name contacts and eyewear, you can also get a variety of high tech lenses put in your brand name frames. Some of the most popular lenses that VSP insurers choose for their eyewear include:

*Sports lenses
*Activity tints
*Digitally customized lenses
*Polycarbonate lenses
*Progressive lenses

If you aren’t sure what products or services are best for your lifestyle, you can trust the eye doctors in VSP’s network to help you make the very best decisions possible. Today, VSP has over 5.9 million members in the United States, which makes it one of the largest insurance networks in the world. With extremely affordable prices, there is no reason to turn down this type of care. VSP has made it its mission to allow as many people as possible to access their quality network. To ensure you and the ones you love get the quality healthcare you need, get this affordable vision care today.

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