What Are Sport Contact Lenses?

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Sport contact lenses are the best solution for eyeglass wearers who participate in a variety of sports. Whether your particular sport is physically demanding or not, sport contact lenses can help athletes up their game. Glasses aren’t ideal for athletes because they provide no peripheral vision, and glasses can fog up in very warm, or very cold conditions, slip down the nose, or simply fall off your face. All of these situations can be eliminated with the use of sport contact lenses. There are also several safety concerns that can be alleviated with contact lenses. In contact sports, it can be nearly impossible to wear glasses under a helmet comfortably. If you must wear glasses under your helmet, you may be increasing your chances of eye injury. In this instance, sport contact lenses eliminate safety concerns.


Many sports are very physically demanding. As any athlete can tell you, wearing eyeglasses during anything physical can be extremely annoying, and sometimes impossible. Athletes who choose sport contact lenses, even if they choose to wear glasses at other times in their life, will have more reliable eyesight during sports, and can comfortably wear protective athletic equipment that will further protect their eyes.


Just as there are a variety of contact lenses available for non-athletes, there are several sport contact choices available for athletes, as well. To determine what type of sport contact lens would be best for you, discuss your situation with your eye doctor. Not every athlete has the same demands on their eyes. For instance, a golfer may need a sport contact lens that provides terrific peripheral vision and sun protection. A football player may not be as concerned about peripheral vision as they are about getting debris in their eye, and comfortably wearing a helmet. An eye doctor will be able to guide you in selecting the best sport contact lens for your situation.

Once your eye doctor understands all the demands on your eyes during athletics, the eye doctor can help you choose the best sport contact lens for you and your sport. Some sport contact lenses are even available with a particular type of tint, which can help reduce glare, and help athletes concentrate on the sport easier.

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