Applying Make-up with Contact lenses

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Every woman knows that getting make-up in your eyes is irritating, but contact wearers can attest that is even worse when you are wearing contact lenses. Instead of flushing out of the eye naturally with tears, the make-up can attach to the contact lens. You then have to remove and clean the lens. Sometimes make-up can even permanently damage your contact lenses. Establishing a routine for applying make-up with contact lenses helps avoid the hassle of contaminating or destroying your contacts.


A smart contact lens routine means taking your individual needs into account. For instance, do you wear soft contact lenses or rigid gas-permeable (RGB) lenses? The American Optometrist Association recommends that you put on soft contact lenses before you apply makeup. RGB lenses, on the other hand, should be put on only after you are finished applying make-up. If you are unsure which order is best for you, consult your optometrist. Some optometrists even recommend choosing one eye for putting in the first lens because having a “first eye” and a “second eye” further ingrains a smart contact lens routine. The more you can establish smart contact lens habits, the more efficient and hassle-free it will be to apply make-up with contact lenses.


An important factor in applying makeup with contact lenses is selecting the right products. Optometrists caution against using any creams or lotions before touching your contact lenses because these can leave residue on your lenses. Try exclusively using oil-free moisturizers and sunscreens to avoid getting unwanted oils into your eyes. If you suffer from particularly dry skin, apply moisturizers containing oil well away from your eye area. Applying make-up with contact lenses is especially tricky when doing eye make-up, so select your eye products carefully. Choose oil-free, hypoallergenic eye make-up, and do not share your products. Try using a water-resistant eyeliner and mascara because these products tend to smudge less, thus decreasing the chance of them flaking and falling into your contact lenses. Steer clear of any lash-building mascaras because these contain fibers that can potentially damage your lenses. To ensure that your products are free of bacteria, change your eye make-up every three months.

Applying make-up with contact lenses is a delicate procedure and should never be rushed. Apply eyeliner, shadow and mascara with a gentle hand so you do not contaminate or damage your contact lenses. Additionally, do not use eyeliner on the inner part of your eye, and do not apply mascara to the base of your eyelashes. When you use powder eye shadow, apply the shadow sparingly on a closed eyelid.

Remove your eye make-up daily with a hypoallergenic, oil-free remover. Before you begin cleaning off your make-up, wash and dry your hands and take out your contact lenses. Always wait to remove your eye makeup until after you have taken out your contact lenses. Applying make-up with contact lenses requires establishing a smart contact lens routine, choosing the correct products, and careful application and removal of make-up in order to protect your eyes and your contact lenses.

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